Regardless of what project you entrust to us, you will always benefit from our translation memory tools. The first time we translate your product, we will build translation memories containing every sentence. When you return with an updated version, we will analyze it with our translation memories and let you know the extent of the changes. Thus, you will only pay the full rate for new sentences the first time, and just a fraction of it if only a few words have changed.

Software translation
You can delegate to us any or all of the steps of your software translation project, from source material analysis, preparation and evaluation of the work, to the final delivery of compiled and tested files. All you have to do is send us your files and we will work with you on a localization plan.

Translation and DTP layout of help systems and documentation
Today, most software vendors build different output formats (help system, printed or online manuals) from a single source. Send us your source files and we will deliver localized, compiled and verified help systems or PDF documentation, ready for your end-users or for printing. If you so choose, they will include updated screenshots taken directly from your localized software, and can even include translated sample data. The result will look as it would if it had been originally created in the target language.

Websites and courseware
Web pages and online course material can sometimes be as challenging to translate as software applications themselves. For us, that is absolutely no problem. We can handle projects composed of thousands of files. If your web pages are frequently updated, you will also be amazed at the ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness with which we can handle the translation updates. Just send us a sample and you will be impressed at how quickly you can receive back a perfectly translated version.

Marketing materials
Only the best translators are able to capture the feeling of your advertising compaign and convey it in another language, adapted to its culture and market. When you write your ads, promotional brochures, or web pages, you work hard to shape your ideas. That is exactly what we do when we translate them. We share your passion for achieving a result that resonates with your customers: if your product succeeds, we have no doubt that you will ask for our services again.